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Affiliate marketing relies heavily on good content. Here is some starting input for your orientation. Feel free to join our Telegram Discussion Group to expand and exchange ideas even further.

Marketing 101 - Tell a Story

In this section, we are sharing important information on how LockTrip solves critical problems with the travel industry. 

How monopolies like are misusing their power and why LockTrip can give back the power to the Consumers.

These bullet points can be turned into powerful Affiliate marketing messages.

Story #1 - Traditional Booking Sites Failed on Ethics

Core message: Traditional booking sites use various unethical practices to increase their conversion rates. One of these practices is pressure selling, which makes the customer believe he/she has to act quickly (through the use of warnings like "Only 1 room left!"). In additon, there are often hidden charges that only show up at the final page of payment. One of the most important unethical practices however are the misleading discount claims that are under investigation by authorities. Statements like "40% discount" often compare to the highest price available or to prices from a different season.

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Story #2 - The Fight against Rate Parity Agreements

Core Message: Monopolies such as enforce so called Rate Parity Agreements on Hotels. These forbid Hotels to undercut the prices displayed on on any other site. If for example a Hotel asks for $100 and adds a 20% commission on top (resulting in a displayed price of $120), then the Hotel is not allowed to offer the room for under $120 on any other public site. Even on its the own website the price has to be $120 or more. This is how is able to offer a "Price Guarantee". Such agreements are increasingly fought by authorities. More and more countries ban them as they prevent healthy competition and cross ethical lines.

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Story #3 - Booking sites are the Prisoners of their own Commissions

Core Message: Booking sites are applying different commission rates on Hotels (based on various factors such as demand and availability). This results in a conflict of interest. While Customers and Hotels trust on a neutral display of availability, it makes financial sense for the booking site to push Hotels with higher commission returns more than the ones yielding smaller profits. LockTrip does not have such a conflict of interest, as it does not apply any commissions to begin with. Full neutrality is thus guaranteed.

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Story #4 - Your Attention is Precious and OTAs make you Pay for it

Core Message: Traditional booking sites have ended up in an endless spiral of raising commissions and increasing their marketing activities. The more they raise commissions, the bigger the difference between value and price becomes. In order to protect their market share, they increase their marketing activities. This on the other hand is expensive and requires even more commissions, starting the cycle again.

Marketing does not add any value to the customer and has the only purpose to mask their inattractive prices, which results in Customers indirectly paying for this spiral through hefty commissions.

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Story #5 - Loyalty Programs — The Approach of Fighting Symptoms

Core Message: The Rate Parity Agreements described in Story #2 are a huge burden on Hotels. They are not even allowed to undercut booking sites on their own Hotel website. As a result, Loyalty programs have popped up across the industry, which serves the purpose of giving Customers back the additional money Hotels never wanted (but were forced to ask for) in order to restore their initial competitiveness. This however only fights the symptoms of the issue and does not solve the root of it. LockTrip is set to eliminate the problem from its root by connecting Hotels directly with the Customer and restore the industry mechanisms.

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Story #6 - LockTrip is leading the final disruption of the travel industry

Core Message: Lower prices were the strongest weapon of booking sites when they disrupted conventional travel agencies with physical offices. They lowered the cost per booking by eliminating expensive sales personnel and the cost for inefficient officies around the world. But the journey is not over yet, as they still take around 20% in commissions from your booking. LockTrip is here to eliminate this last piece, resulting in the final distruption of the travel industry. Once Hotels can reach customers at no cost and with high efficiently, there is nothing that remains to be improved in terms of cost optimization.

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