Reward Calculator

Remember that those are lifetime referrals. Once acquired, referrals become an invariable part of your affiliate account and you will receive passive income indefinitely, as long as he/she continues to book with LockTrip.

This is the number of active referrals you plan to acquire each month.

Only 1 per day would already bring that to 30.

This is the number of level 2 referrals you receive per month for every referral you have.

Example: You have 100 referrals and they generate a total of 20 referrals for themselves within 1 month (which become your level 2 referrals). In this case, each referral brought you on average 0.2 level 2-referrals per month.

This is the value of bookings made by a single referral throughout a year (insert your estimation). $2,500 given as default. The actual value can vary depending on your target audience.

With LockTrip, you are building a long term income-generating asset. This means, that your annual earnings will increase with each month.

Try playing around with the duration. You will see how strong the long term effect is.

Visualization of a 60 month campaign, based on the following parameters:

- 30 new referrals/month

- 0.2 level 2 referrals per referral/month

- Annual booking volume of $2,500 per referral