Become an Affiliate of LockTrip

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Contrary to other booking sites, at LockTrip you do not need to refer the same person over and over again. Referring once is enough to receive referral income from that customer for your lifetime.

Receive 1% of the booking volumes generated by your referrals - Forever.

For every $1,000 your referrals spend on hotel bookings, you receive a compensation of $10. Even years after referring a customer, the revenue stream will keep flowing as long as the customer continues to use LockTrip.

Receive 0.1% of the booking volumes generated by level 2 referrals.

You even profit from the referrals of your referrals (level 2 referrals)! For every $1,000 in bookings made by level 2 referrals, you receive $1 in compensation. Let your referrals work for you.